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As soon as pepole lose their jobs, retire, divorce, or do anything that can put a dent in their income, their savings is eaten by mortgages, taxes, compulsory insurances and so on. And to get out of this debt spiral, people move to a neighbouring country, and cut their spending in half while keeping their income intact the swiss-french border is completely open, and it passes through most of the major cities. In order to stop the crisis, the government is doing some magic, repeating continuously that moving abroad while working in Switzerland is un-swiss, and swiss people should be happy to pay higher prices while sustaining the local economy.

At the same time, banks are struggling to make money out of their reserves, and build condos and office buildings that stay empty for years and years. Your response to Lenn has me thinking. He talks about looking for a place to retire, and talks about the long term, and you mention the importance of an abundant water supply and ample farmland.

Do you think those will become significant sooner than what I am describing? Once I started learning about limits and decline, I have been wrestling with whether it is better for me, the people around me, the natural world to get ahead of the trends and move somewhere that will see a bit of a boom in times to come Rust Belt, etc.

Speaking of blog posts to come…you have mentioned doing a detailed series of posts on C G Jung more than once over the last few years, and I for one would greatly appreciate this. Would you agree that he is perhaps the most influential psychologist of his times, in our time — but not acknowledged as such? There seem to be an endless number of spin off schools based on his general ideas. I read this mantra years ago and it really sunk in. When you did a post on affirmations and one of the commenters said that this was an affirmation and in fact a deliberately negative one.

So, I was thinking why would you make it this way? Therefore, the person with this mantra, critical of the officially approved solutions, starts their own research into different ways to achieve a better future, leading to multiple different paths being tried by different people, a deliberate dissensus…This seems to be your modus operandi in preparing for the future.

I have my eye on an extended conjunction within five degrees that Pluto and Jupiter will be in Capricorn from about mid-March to mid-December of , so that will certainly have an impact on the election. My point was how reliant every American city small and large is on the electric grid. None of this is unique to San Francisco, except the Cable Cars of course.

Homelessness, high home prices, and dysfunctional government were hallmarks of the City back when I was born. Those issues are magnified by all the money pouring in.

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On the other hand, large swaths of the City have never looked better. Neighborhoods where I feared to tread in s are now safe for the stroller crowd. Jobs are plentiful. Wanna be a six figure admin assistant? Come on down! Of course, all this is a temporary Gold Rush. When the bubble pops, and all the carpetbaggers and career climbers go home, San Francisco will look in the mirror and see, once again, a 2nd tier city with a mighty fine harbor and fantastic natural resources on its doorstep.

NYC is the most vulnerable. Sea level rise, failing infrastructure, extreme population density, harsh weather, and a hyper globalized economy.

Tarot for the Wild Soul with Lindsay Mack

With respect to a previous human ability to detect the gods, Rudolf Steiner talks about this in more than one place. For him a survival of that ability in those few cases where it exists is atavistic, and he thinks its loss was necessary so that human beings could develop other abilities, but he also thinks it will come back, as a learned skill this time, not a natural ability hence a book like his How To Know Higher Worlds.

Jacarutu: to me the entire impeachment business is from Uranus, planet of all craziness and disruption, and lends itself to a pun which sums up the entire thing quite nicely. For example from the reviews you can read online, it seems like there are people for whom airport first class lounges are the primary focus of their lives.

I read quite a bit of it and found myself being drawn in. If it was just that and things like nightclub VIP rooms and casino high roller lounges, you could explain it as fascination with how the elite live. The funny thing is when you read about how the real-world inner sanctums of ancient temples were used, how similar it sounds to BSL-4 labs.

The priest had to spend months eating a special diet, doing purification rituals, and shave off all their body hair. Then before entering the inner door, put on all the ritual clothes, amulets and talismans that kept them from sponteneously combusting in the presence of the god. Theological Safety Level 4. The several screens through which I scrolled suggested otherwise.

One comment caught my eye.

March Birth Flower | Garden | March birth flowers, Birth flowers, Birthday month flowers

Thank you very much for that. So, I am back home now. I am certain that staying longer was important for the improvement I have thus far experienced. We charged credit cards, something I am loathe to do! I deeply appreciate the help I have received. I continue to improve slowly. The swollen lymph node in my neck is still palpable but can no longer be seen.

It was bigger than a marble, and quite hard. The mess on my chest wall continues to flatten. I do have a home program which I think is very good although partly different from what was done at the clinic. Eradication is the next hurdle. Lady Cutekitten The social media are excellent for people with some narrow special interest, which seems to include almost all of us these days. If we had to meet in person, there would be too few of us in any one place to make up the critical mass for a successful support group.

I made a Facebook page last year only because I was volunteering with a nonprofit that uses FB pages to co-ordinate things like ride-sharing. Speaking of Tumblr, it is a treasure trove of cute animal images.

Speaking of which, the extraction of wealth from Ukraine, a poor and desperate country, does make my blood boil. I agree with your suggestion of promoting staycations. Not only are staycations the most environmental, least energy-intensive, and most frugal form of vacation, but they are the least stressful and most relaxing.

Recently I got forwarded this article discussing the many attributes of taking a staycation that some may be interested in reading:. I also agree that awareness about the environmental costs of flying are becoming more mainstream. Occasionally I do travel long-distance, but manage to find slower forms of travel to get to my destination. Within the US, I take the train, even if takes several days.

So this awareness of the costs of flying does seem to be entering the mainstream, even if many people are still not yet acting on it. That reminds me. The immersion blender I mentioned a few years ago that I got as a wedding present in is still working. I wish I knew about the magical properties of anise hyssop! The attribution to Mercury might come, I imagine, from its fennel like scent.

The Cheyenne People used Anise Hyssop as a heart medicine, for lowness of spirits. It also is traditionally used for upset stomach, like licorice.


I plant it for the bees, who love it. Workdove, The name that immediately popped into my head after I read your comment was, Jessie Ventura. I would think that he also fits your description of Trump. Will Oberton: C. Lewis once called himself a confirmed supernaturalist, in exactly the sense you are looking for. My take is that the elites are pushing hard for global dominion and they are using various vehicles, not just climate change hysteria.

And I see them making gains. I once ran across a book combining Western sun sign astrology with Chinese astrology, giving profiles for the possible combinations.

PISCES ♓ Hardliner Protecting his Queen ♓ Lilith August 2019 - 2020 Tarot Reading

My profile in this book was spot on in a way that neither system alone ever was. My days of donating blood may be coming to an end. I applied and was accepted but I travel too frequently and too randomly to be a fit for their schedule. But I still need one for now. So, if a friend of yours were to ask you this question, what would be your recommendations? Physical discomfort is not much of an issue.

I think it is true that there can be positive reactions of natural systems and even scientists can be one-sided in their research and presentations. For the blue ocean event , I do not see how we will avoid it in the next ten years, and what kind of equilibrating action there could be. I do not see an equilibrating action for methane release too.

In any case we will see. The worst is not certain. If you had 5 acres, and you had animals and their manure using up 2 or 3 acres, say, plus a couple of acres devoted to crops but all organic with the mixed use farm, how many people could be fed with that 5 acres?